Last week, I shared info on some great acupressure points on the ear. I told you how I had started to feel a little congested and the sinus and throat point opened me up. Well, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and a full-on cold virus infection ensued. Sometimes doctors take the worst care of themselves and I’ve just been dealing with the symptoms of this infection and not doing anything about it. When I read this excellent article this morning from Forbes Middle East, it reminded me of how important it is for me to get adjusted regularly as well.

I asked the doctor I share an office with, Dr Robert Clarizio, to give me an adjustment. I immediately felt better after being adjusted. My cold is not gone, but I’m less congested and I know that my ability to heal has definitely been improved. Thank you Dr Clarizio!

In the article, entitled, “Chiropractic Treatment Improves Your Immune And Endocrine Systems“,  Sharik Ali notes:

“We as doctors do not heal anything. The body does all the healing. All we try to do is take out any interference.”

This is the absolute truth. I utilize my knowledge and training to provide the treatment that I think will be the most effective and then I have to wait and see how the patient’s body reacts to that treatment. Often, what I expect to happen is what happens, but sometimes I am surprised. Please read this article, think about what it says, and then call your local chiropractor (especially if it is me!) and make an appointment.

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