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Are you new to our office?
Every new patient receives a New Patient Initial Exam (New patients only). After you schedule your appointment, you will receive an email with a link to complete your intake forms online. Please use a computer or tablet to complete these forms, as they are not optimized for smartphones. If you are unable to complete the forms before your appointment, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete them in our office.

Your Initial Exam will include a thorough physical examination and consultation, including an explanation of your diagnosis and treatment options. You will then receive Chiropractic Care (Premium) as described below.

Have you been into our office before?
Schedule your level of care below:
*You must have received your Initial Exam before you can book any of these other levels of care*

Chiropractic Care (Premium)
This is where you get the best of what chiropractic care in our office has to offer. You will receive the adjustments, treatments, and therapies you need to improve more quickly and feel the benefits for longer. This may include spinal and/ or extremity adjustments; soft tissue treatments such as manual massage, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), and/ or Hypervolt (massage gun); physiotherapies such as EMS (e-stim), Therapeutic Ultrasound, and/ or Low Level Laser Therapy; mechanical flexion distraction (for the low back); and home exercises/ instructions (posture correction, stretches, etc.). Most patients will choose this option each visit after the initial.

Chiropractic Care (Advanced)
This level of care includes spinal adjustments, plus one additional care choice. Your one additional treatment may include: extremity adjustments, soft tissue treatments (listed above), physiotherapies (listed above), or flexion distraction. This option is recommended for those who would choose Basic Care, but would like to feel even better from additional care.

Chiropractic Care (Basic)
This level of care includes spinal adjustments only. This option is recommended for those who do not have any pain of discomfort and only want to receive the benefits of the chiropractic adjustment.

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