Vitamin A and Alzheimer’s

In keeping with the theme of vitamins, we are looking at a study related to vitamin A and the connection it may have with cognitive development and the later risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. In the article entitled “Roots of Alzheimer’s disease can extend as far back as the womb“, researchers at the University of British Columbia have found evidence that suggests:

Vitamin A research
Dr. Weihong Song. Credit: Image courtesy of University of British Columbia

“Biochemical reactions that cause Alzheimer’s disease could begin in the womb or just after birth if the fetus or newborn does not get enough vitamin A”

However, they also caution:

“Vitamin A deficiency, though common in many low-income regions of the world, is rare in North America, and excess intake of the nutrient could be harmful.”

Since most of us don’t know how much vitamin A is too much, I have included this link to Healthline’s page about Hypervitaminosis A (or excessive amounts of vitamin A) which lists the symptoms of an excess and shows a table for how much you need at various stages of life.

You can get most of the vitamin A your body needs from a healthy diet alone. Foods that contain vitamin A include, liver, fish and fish oils, milk, eggs, dark fruits, leafy-green vegetables, orange and yellow vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots), tomato products, etc.

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