Lutein, protecting your eye health

This week I’ll be posting about a few important vitamin related issues. Today is Lutein, a non-provitamin A carotenoid. This means that it isn’t converted into Vitamin A in your body as other carotenoids, like the well known beta-carotene, are. Instead, Lutein is able to pass from the blood into the brain and also into the eyes, where it has some very interesting benefits:

“Lutein concentrates in the lens and retina, where it helps to absorb blue light and limit the amount of blue light reaching the underlying structures involved in vision, thereby protecting against light-induced oxidative damage…”

This is closely related to the article I posted on blue light from LED bulbs a few weeks ago. Read the entire article for more interesting information on Lutein, including where it is found in foods:

Lutein: The “Eyes” Have It

Lutein - eye health

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